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LTO-3 tape drives are one of the industry leading back up solutions, with astounding performance, such as 800GB of capacity on a single cartridge and backup speeds of 324GB/hr. LTO3 is completely Backward compatible and   interchangeable with all LTO generations and manufacturers. This form of tape backup offers outstanding investment protection for virtually all enterprise environments. Looking to buy an LTO3 tape drive, or tape media? Need a repair or maintenance contract for your LTO3 drive? We even have spare parts!

LTO is the number one selling tape format today for high end archiving jobs. It has become the ideal solution for archiving and long-term data retention. Contact us today! For sales, call
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  • -LTO3 tape can store up to 800GB of native data
  • -LTO3 has Worm WORM
    (Write Once, Read Many) capability.

  • -LTO3 is backward read and write compatible to LTO2 and backward read to LTO1
  • Strategic Support's technical staff has over 25 years of experience in tape library and drive service, support, repair and maintenance. LTO 3 being one of their specialties.
    Instock Inc has a multi-million dollar tested inventory, static sealed and boxed in our warehouse